About me info

Hi! My name is Chris, and I’m an amateur astrophotographer based in Suffolk in the East of England.


I originally began my astrophotography journey in 2007 when a colleague showed me some of the images he’d been able to take in his backyard with a little Meade ETX telescope.


I purchased some second hand gear and started to dabble in visual astronomy, but a young family coupled with an early morning commute soon dampened my enthusiasm for spending nights outside in the cold.


The equipment was gradually sold, and I had to content myself with enjoying the images that others had taken and posted on the web.


15 years later with a new life that involved a more rural location and the ability to work from home I started to toy with the idea of getting back into the hobby – and serious astrophotography.

April 2022 saw the purchase of a modest imaging setup, with several upgrades following pretty swiftly behind.

I now run two complete imaging setups, allowing me to make the most of the limited clear skies we get in the UK.

I’m always happy to help fellow astronomers, as the learning curve can be perilously steep at times – please drop me a line if I can help!