The first of three images from a single night.

When shooting with my One Shot Colour camera, I often use a dual-narrowband filter – for certain targets it can mimic the effect of shooting narrowband with a mono camera.

I’ve owned a couple of Optolong dual narrowband filters for a while now, but I’d previously steered away from using the Optolong L-Extreme as I found that with my original SW ED980 scope it would have a tendency to produce nasty halos on brighter stars – so I favoured it’s gentler brother, the L-Enhance.

Since I’ve not really used the L-Extreme with the higher spec William Optics scope, I decided to give it a try in a side-by-side comparison.

I’ll spare the details, but I’m really pleased that the L-Extreme works well with the William Optics scope, and it’ll be spending more time in front of the camera in future.

This is 8½ hours of exposure during a 95% moon. As ever, click the image for the full resolution version.