Heart Nebula Redux

Being somewhat of a digital packrat has it’s benefits! Bar a small incident involving a hard drive failure back in the summer, I NEVER get rid of old subframes, and as I’ve learned more of PixInsights quirks, and read up on new techniques, I like to go back from time to time and reprocess old data using my new tricks.

This is a reprocess of my Heart Nebula mosaic from September, utilising one tool that I’ve VERY much added into my workflow, Russ Croman’s excellent BlurXterminator.

BlurXterminator is an AI powered deconvolution (sharpening) tool that works wonders for extracting extra detail tucked away in your images. His other AI based plugins, StarXterminator and NoiseXterminator are now used in pretty much every finished image that I produce.


Click the image for the full resolution version (which is actually a half resolution version, and the full thing is too big for WordPress to handle!)