IC1805 – The Heart Nebula

The 533MC Pro is a cracking little camera, and I’ve been fantastically pleased with it.

It’s sensor is quite small however – but that’s the tradeoff you pay for it not costing as much as it’s big brother the 2600MC Pro!

If I don’t want to spend out on the larger sensor, I need a way to be able to image larger targets – and this image was my first attempt at that – building a mosaic.

This image is a composite of 4 panels (each 15x 5 minute shots taken through an Optolong L-Enhance filter) which are then stictched back together using PixInsight’s PhotometricMosaic tool.

It took a few days of failed attempts to get it stitched togehter right, and if you zoom too hard you can still see some imperfections in the joins – but this was the first image that I was TRULY pleased with.

Click the image for the full resolution version.